A sneak peek. Keep watching.

The bags under his eyes were like wrinkled bags from your local porn shop store. Blacker than black, probably more drawn out due to the fact that the complexion of his face was so white. Pasty. He must have been Irish. Maybe Scottish. Definitely an “ish”, probably six-one, one-hundred seventy-five at least. His hair was dirty […]

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I met her when she looked at me, captivated by her motions ten fingers, ten toes, two eyelids open, dancing for herself not knowing I payed attention, I saw heaven in eyes of copper and brass outlined her pupils when she dance no one can stop her and no one can stop watching, people stop […]

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Detelj- “Damn”

She a dark world in a nice place she a lighthouse in sine waves moves like an angel turnin heads sideways (break a neck break a neck break a neck) She a myth to you, hurt my heart in the worst ways sleeps like an angel but a devil on my birthday (yeah)…prolly make me […]

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